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Current Projects



Hapax Theatre

Public Staged Reading:


Momotarō is a Japanese fairy tale about a young boy who is born inside a peach and embarks on a journey to fight an island of demons with a talking dog, pheasant and monkey. This will be presented as a shadow puppet show.


Going All the Way

Theatre SKAM


Canadian Fringe Tour:

Summer 2023

Best friends Avery and Beatrice have spent their whole University degree creating off-the-wall performances, but their final project is outside of everyone’s comfort zone: teaching sex-ed to middle-schoolers through puppetry. The show takes a turn for the bizarre when years of resentment and confusion bubble up, leaving the two of them hashing out their issues with sex, love, and identity in front of an increasingly restless audience.


The Japanese Dinner Experience




This project will explore the connection that Japanese families have with their traditional foods and how food is such an important part of keeping tradition alive.

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